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In German 'therapeutic touch' is a form of complementary medical therapy that is used in practices and clinics worldwide. Its origin can be found in the energetic healing of primitive peoples, in our latitudes it is often referred to as the laying on of hands. With this technique, the human energy field is felt with the hands, and the targeted touch causes energy to flow again, thus restoring the balance in the body.

This ancient method was standardized and incorporated into nursing education by nursing professors in the United States in the 1970s. Today it is used as a complementary method in the USA, England, Holland and Germany in hospitals, doctor's surgeries as well as old people's and nursing homes.


Numerous scientific studies from nursing and medicine prove the effectiveness, especially for


  Stress relief

  Increase in vitality

  Reducing anxiety and anxiety

  concentration promotion

  pain reduction

  wound healing

  Symptom reduction, even with severe and chronic diseases

  Additional measure in cancer patients during and after chemotherapy

Link: The Secret of Healing 

energy training

The aim of energy training is to permanently increase your own energy potential with easy-to-learn physical exercises. Energetic blockages are released and the perception of one's own body is increased. This improves general well-being in everyday life.

The energy exercises can be practiced at home as an efficient tool for prevention and self-care.


interaction and mode of action

Therapeutic touch and energy training are holistic methods. It works with the entire energy field of the human being. Energy fields surround us, constantly changing; we produce energy, give it off and absorb new ones.

Health and the energy field are connected. The more energy we have, the more balanced our energy field is, the more vital and healthy we feel. The aim of every treatment is an energetic and harmonious state.


If you have more energy, you get more out of life


Therapeutic touch/
energy training

Therapeutic Touch


As Nutrition and Wellness Coach  I offer you:

  Valuable and individual wellness checks

   Joint development of individual solutions

  care until you reach your personal goal


There are many people who say:"I would like to live a healthy life, but that's no fun."

Wellness is the art of reconciling both: living a healthy, enjoyable life. It is helpful to first determine your personal strengths and weaknesses with a well-founded wellness check. After that, with guidance and personal support, you can implement gradual changes that bring your life into better balance. 

Good nutrition is vital to your well-being and improves your quality of life. The modern, mostly hectic lifestyle does not always support the healthy lifestyle for long-term well-being and so most people no longer get what science regards as necessary in terms of diet, exercise and lifestyle to maintain good health.

My goal is to offer you tried and tested solutions!

Further versions and voucher for a free wellness check under

Über mich
About me
I have been running my own practice since 2006 with the aim of accompanying people on their personal path, supporting them to achieve their inner balance, increased well-being and health - in addition to conventional medical treatment.
I speak the following languages:
German, English, French, Italian and Hungarian.

My own complaints and problems - which only partially improved with the help of conventional medicine - brought me into contact with yoga, Tai Chi/Qi Gong and thus with the Eastern energy theory early on. Since the training in Therapeutic Touch and Energy Training of the ISTTE includes this and many other methods from ancient healing knowledge to quantum physics, I began attending seminars in 2002 and obtained the certificate as a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Energy Trainer ISTTE (International School of Therapeutic Touch and Energy) in 2006 , Haltern am See, DE).

In the course of 2014 I also completed the training as a nutrition coach, which I successfully completed on November 29, 2014 with a certificate.


further education

course in


   Blackroll Training

   spiral dynamics

 •Currently in training at Superconductivity method according to Edit Siegfried-Szabo


 • Various seminars (online and live) with Dr. Joe Dispensa


Born in Budapest, Hungary 1953; after fleeing, living in Basel with his parents since 1957, married

Primary school teacher, then extra-occupational studies at the Institute for Education and Psychology with a degree in curative education

1983/1985 birth of our daughters;

Courses in mother/child gymnastics and swimming;

Training to become a religion teacher; Teaching for 28 years at various elementary schools in Basel and Füllinsdorf.

Training as a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and energy trainer

Training as a nutrition coach

Also currently writing as a co-author to Edit Siegfried-Szabos book "Treat Globe Syndrome" with the help of the superconductivity method 

"No encounter with Kristina, truly none, that didn't bring me further about myself and for my soul's well-being."
"What particularly impresses me about Kristina's treatments is her care and the range of her options."
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"I can let myself fall into warm hands that carry me, give me support, accompany and support me, where I am in life, in my personal process!"
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Here you will find testimonials from former and current clients.

"After breaking a leg, Kristina visited and treated me twice a week for 6 weeks. Her discreet closeness, her calm manner and her empathetic attention were very beneficial and supported me mentally and physically during this time. The healing was uncomplicated and after 6 weeks I was amazingly fit and quickly back on my feet.What I took with me from this experience beyond the recovery: I believe more and more that it is not for nothing that the healing stories in the Bible repeatedly talk about Jesus touching people or laid hands on them. That is very important and valuable to me."


"What particularly impresses me about Kristina's treatments is her care and the range of her options.

I first used Kristina after shoulder surgery to improve the healing process. This went very well, and so I kept coming back for treatment - sometimes at irregular intervals - to get support for the body with minor or major ailments and to recharge my batteries. Of course, this always had an effect on my mood and my mental state.

The therapy sessions begin with a conversation in which the goal of the treatment is determined together. Kristina is a very good and analytical listener and it is often only then that one finds the actual "sore point" or the part of the body that needs it most. During the body therapy you feel better and better, the symptoms disappear or subside (depending on the initial situation) and at the end you feel completely at ease.

You can only win with one try!"


1. I can let myself fall into warm hands that carry me, give me support, accompany and support me, where I am in life, in my personal process!

2. I am infinitely grateful for your nature, dear Kristina.

3. What I always associate with Kristina: the essential is invisible to the eye, you can only see rightly with the heart!

4. "Everything is fine the way it is." Thank you, dear Kristina!

5. You have been with me for 5 years, very moving, sad and stormy times, thank you for your love, your authentic and direct, honest and sincere, loving and unique companionship! you gave me ground, strengthened me and accompanied and supported me in experiencing my truth."


Feedback Fred
Feedback Rahel


Before the treatment, there is a conversation in which the needs and wishes of the client are clarified. The therapy takes place in a clothed state.
The person then remains in a state of relaxation for a few minutes.

Length of time approx. 60 minutes (longer if necessary)

Keast for an hour Fr. 100.–; cannot be billed to the health insurance company.

home visits possible by arrangement.




Kristina Reutlingen
Auberg 10

CH-4051 Basel

phone      +41 61 312 14 47


Public transport: 

Tram no. 6:    Holbeinstrasse stop
Bus #30:    Steinenschanze stop

By car:   

Parking space very limited; It is best to go to the Steinenparking car park, from the exit at Steinenschanze walk 150 m to Auberg 10.



contact address

Practice Relax and Energy / Repudina GmbH

Auberg 10

4051 Basel



Authorized Representatives

Kristina Reutlingen

Managing director and practice owner

design website

Angela Schafer,


commercial register entry

Registered company name: Repudina GmbH

Number: CH-114.468.315

Commercial register office: Basel


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data protection

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