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About me
I have been running my own practice since 2006 with the aim of accompanying people on their personal path, supporting them to achieve their inner balance, increased well-being and health - in addition to conventional medical treatment.
I speak the following languages:
German, English, French, Italian and Hungarian.

My own complaints and problems - which only partially improved with the help of conventional medicine - brought me into contact with yoga, Tai Chi/Qi Gong and thus with the Eastern energy theory early on. Since the training in Therapeutic Touch and Energy Training of the ISTTE includes this and many other methods from ancient healing knowledge to quantum physics, I began attending seminars in 2002 and obtained the certificate as a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Energy Trainer ISTTE (International School of Therapeutic Touch and Energy) in 2006 , Haltern am See, DE).

In the course of 2014 I also completed the training as a nutrition coach, which I successfully completed on November 29, 2014 with a certificate.


further education

course in


   Blackroll Training

   spiral dynamics

 •Currently in training at Superconductivity method according to Edit Siegfried-Szabo


 • Various seminars (online and live) with Dr. Joe Dispensa


Born in Budapest, Hungary 1953; after fleeing, living in Basel with his parents since 1957, married

Primary school teacher, then extra-occupational studies at the Institute for Education and Psychology with a degree in curative education

1983/1985 birth of our daughters;

Courses in mother/child gymnastics and swimming;

Training to become a religion teacher; Teaching for 28 years at various elementary schools in Basel and Füllinsdorf.

Training as a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and energy trainer

Training as a nutrition coach

Also currently writing as a co-author to Edit Siegfried-Szabos book "Treat Globe Syndrome" with the help of the superconductivity method 

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